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Hawkins Consulting has been successfully established as a training and coaching provider in the fields of negotiation and international communication since 2008. Our team of experienced trainers consists solely of English native speakers.
Our services are aimed at companies based in Germany, organisations with international purchasing and sales teams, and firms with a high proportion of employees from abroad. They are also suitable for individuals requiring a qualification in intercultural communication and negotiation.
We offer in-house training, open seminars and individual coaching, tailored to your needs. These are primarily in English and cover all aspects of international and intercultural negotiation. Naturally, as all of our trainers are bilingual, we can also offer you training and seminar courses in German, if required. We provide an optimum solution for your employees in Germany and for your international workforce.
Benefits to you

  • One concept in two languages; individual, flexible, and practice-oriented
  • For in-house teams or individual employees, as part of our open seminar programme or in the form of an individual coaching session
  • We are active all over Europe, wherever you need us – ideal for all employees, whether at the head office or in international subsidiaries

Hawkins negotiation training

Negotiation training

In our seminars and workshops, you will learn and practice a wide range of methods and efficient techniques for increasingmehr lesen

English Skills

English is now the accepted working language in many companies in Germany, and as such it is clearly here tomehr lesen


Coaching is our way of providing individual support for you alone. This means that we jointly determine the topics tomehr lesen

DISC® Profile

The DiSC® personality profile reveals your own personal strengths and also enables you to appraise a person’s behaviour more accurately andmehr lesen

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Our translation service offers guaranteed high quality with flexible accommodation of your individual requirements, plus reliable and punctual delivery. Evermehr lesen

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